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Friday, August 19, 2011

Mongolian Rice Bowl by Sweet Inspiration

Sometimes, it's sweeter to be together after having a fight. (peace,B! ilabshu!)... B & I had fight the whole weekend end last monday, as his peace offering, B brought me to MOA to eat at Mongolian Rice Bowl (B, you know now how to choose 'GOOD FOOD' huh..) hehe =p

We arrived MOA at around 7:30pm. We thought we wont be able to have the Mongolian Buffet, but when we arrived to the place, at first, we had this hesitation not to enter the resto because there were no people eating.. (thinking that the buffet is already finished) Then the receptionist asked us to enter, then B started to get his ingredients for his fist Mongolian bowl that night...

the interiors of MRB (few people eating.. lucky us!)

The ceiling design.. cute! isn't it?

My first mongolian bowl.. I chose a lot of squid, and chicken with
 sweet and spicy sauce and  more  white onions!

The first Mongolian bowls of the happy couple! Our tummy's capacity 's not yet full..more  please?

After munching with the first bowl, I have to take some break and eat desserts! It's with the
 package- E AT-ALL-YOU-CAN DESSERTS too! (B loves me having sweet tooth!)

choco fudge and choco moose are my fave that night..
not that sweet for me, just right amount for me..
Me waiting for my 2nd bowl.. hungry or full? hehe!

B took this pic of their ceiling interiors while waiting for his 2nd bowl

My 2nd bowl.. full of beef and pork meat.. kaumay!!!! hehe
B's 2nd bowl: sotanghon noodles with lots of beef too mixed with sweet and spicy sauce

Here's the ingredients.. they have generous and helpful attendants
 that would really help you have your perfect Mongolian meal

Here's the guide on how to have a tasty sauce for your meal

The dessert area.. half empty, half full.. thanks Sweet Inspiration!
I will never forget this significant convo we had while eating when we were giving our ratings:
     Me: B, how the food for you? 1 is the lowest 10 is the highest?
     B:    6-7 hon..
     Me: for me its 8.. how about the ambience, the place?
     B:    Since it's not crowded with a lot of people, might as well give 9 for that...
     Me:   me too..
     B:     Eh sa kasama mo? whats the rating?
     Me:  syempre 10 agad! hehe..
     B:    Akala ko you'll say 11 or more.. hehe

Good B! you're sweet that night (maybe because it's after a fight? :D) heheh.. i love you! It won't be a special experience if it's without you... (mushy me!)

outside the Resto, facing the San Miguel by the Bay area..
Here's their promo... happy eating!
Thanks B for your yummy peace offering.. I'm thinking if I could have another fight with you so I could have again a hearty meal with you. :)) love you B!

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