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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Makati

I know this might sound weird to everybody but this is my first time to go to Powerplant.. hehe..

I went here with B during the long weekend last week because our out of town trip was cancelled due to typhoon Mina (huhu +sad+ ) so B decided to go to here for me to see it.. we arrived at around 11AM, decided to eat at KFC (my favorite) then ordered a frappucino at SB..

Then we stayed in one bench and B played with my cam.. ''Macronizing'' everything he saw... :)

lovely family strolling :)

fruit market at the ground floor that caught my eyes

the interiors

I like the pillars

I felt I was in some hotels in UAE. I like the lights

the fountain at the back park of the mall..
B, thanks so much for bringing me here eventhough it was also your first time.. +wink+ heheh.. off to DAD's...

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